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Privacy (GDPR)

Information pursuant to Statute 13 of Decree-Law 196/2003

We wish to inform you that the handling, processing, recording, storage, transmission and disclosure of any information of a personal nature that may concern you is strictly governed in Italy under Decree-Law 196 of 30 June 2003 to ensure utmost confidentiality thereof.

The Law provides for any such data to be managed fairly, openly, correctly, and solely for lawful purposes so as to best protect the privacy and rights of the person or party to whom or to which said personal and confidential information may be referred.

Pursuant to Statute 13 of Decree-law n. 196/2003 , please be informed as to the following:

  • any data submitted to us by you shall only be used by us for in-house business , administrative , and accounting purposes;
  • data may be either managed manually or by computer-aided means;
  • submission to us of any requested data is of course voluntary, but it should be understood that failure to do so may put at risk execution of the agreement or of any part thereof;
  • it should also be understood that personal data may have to be disclosed if so ordered by due authorities and under law in connection with inspections and/or investigations and/or audits to any of the following agencies, and namely to the Inland Revenue, the Postal Police, the Finance Police, and in general to any duly authorised investigating or enforcement agency whose task it is to ensure that all business activity is properly conducted in full compliance with the law and according to good practice. It should further be understood that, depending on House requirements and to the extent of such requirements, personal data may also be disclosed to:
    - dealers and/or agents for promotional or marketing operations;
    - duly assigned auditors and accountants for book-keeping and tax purposes;
    - banks for credit collection and/or debit charges;
    - legal counsel and/or judicial authorities for debt recoveries and disputes;
  • TGT S.r.L. based at Vicolo Collodi 1E, Località Rivabella - 40069 Zola Predosa (BO), Italy, shall be in charge and accountable for personal data management;
  • pursuant to provisions under Statute 7 of Decree-Law 196/2003, the contents of which are integrally given below, the person or party to whom the personal data refers may at any time exercise her/his/its rights towards the party in charge and accountable for the management of her/his/its personal data.

Statute 7 of Decree-Law n. 196/2003, - Right to access own personal data and other rights thereupon

  • The interested party shall always be entitled to be fully informed as to the existence or otherwise of its personal data, even in the event of said data not having been yet recorded, and to receive a copy thereof in a perfectly legible form.
  • The interested party shall be further entitled to be duly and fully informed as to:
    - the source of its personal data;
    - the scope for which said personal data is used and how it is managed;
    - the logic governing personal data management in the event of computer-aided systems being used thereof;
    - all due ID data relating to the party in charge and accountable for personal data management, to the persons actually involved in their
      management, and to any other assignee thereof as provided for under Sub-paragraph 2, Statute 5 of the present Law;
    - the party/ies or type/s of party/ies to whom its personal data may be relayed or disclosed or who may become duly acquainted with them as
      assignees in the territory of the State concerned, or as persons filling an executive post, or as duly appointed persons thereof.
  • The interested party shall also be entitled to request and obtain:
    - that its personal data be updated or corrected, or in any case duly completed, if it so deems fit and opportune;
    - that said personal data be deleted or rendered anonymous, or be subject to restricted access in the event of their unlawful management or
      when their holding on record is no longer called for in relation to the reasons and scope of their initial collection or subsequent management;
    - proof that any party to whom its personal data may have been relayed or disclosed by the party accountable for and in charge of their
      management has been duly and promptly informed by the latter as to the performance of any operation as detailed under a) and b) above,
      regardless of the extent of said disclosure, compliance with this provision being excepted only in the case of performance of obligations thereof
      proving impossible or unviable, as requiring means that are not proportional to the right being protected.
  • The interested party shall further always be entitled to withdraw or withhold its consent to its personal data being managed for any of the reasons specified forthwith, and namely:
    - for good reason and whether in part or full, even for operations that may be in line with the scope of their collection in the first place;
    - for the purpose of forwarding it publicity material or attempting to make it a direct sale, or for carrying out market surveys, or for any other form
      of communication with a commercial intent.


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