Design and production of welded impellers
for industrial’s applications



Here are our products divided for purpose:


  3D Design

The use of modern softwares dedicated to two and three dimensional design, combined with production experience, allow us to show you customized solutions...


The use of modern softwares dedicated to three-dimensional design, combined with aerodynamic simulation programs, allow us to try virtually usage conditions…

  Fast prototype

We combine different kind of techniques, innovative too, to realize dimensional prototypes analogue to the production. From mathematical model to physical model in the fast time...

  Surface treatments

Differents type of applications can request surface treatments to the produced fans or impellers. Independently, or by our productive partnership, we can ensure high level processing…

  Little series

Realization of welded fans in small productions. The independent planning and production allow us a big flexibility in processing of orders for small productions, too...

  Quality control

Ensure the customer a product that is compliance with the requirements through tests, measures, calibrations, but before, the purchase of raw materials, too...






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