Design and production of welded impellers
for industrial’s applications



Our Story

T.G.T. was build in 1976, a little artisan company which produced centrifugal impellers with welded blades.


In 1980 enter, as operating partner, Mr. Minelli Manuele who, in 1986, gets the whole company. Within three years starts a constant company growing with productive and structural radical changes. Anchor remains the healthy principles of a clean company as when it was sufficient a handshake to sign a deal.

The company manages on the national market and acquires leader customers in the various trade sectors.

In 1994 it translates its establishment and in 1995 is installed a first welding robot followed by two others in 1996/97.

In 1999 each obsolete machinery is replaced by new ones until the change of the whole machinery, keeping it updated and renewed during the time. A fourth welding robot, new balancing machineries, a lathe with numeric control enter the company that continues, in parallel, to invest in the advanced technology to improve the quality of the productive trial, work security, the management and business logistics.
But not only technology! A correct management and an involvement of human resources guarantee to the company a solid point to rely on.

A decisive turning comes in the middle of 2001, with the open of the adjacent local unit: more space means more efficiency.
In this establishment is installed at the beginning of 2003, a laser cutting with automatic warehouse of loading/unloading.
Since this moment every component of each impeller has been cut by the laser and the quality of the productive trail and of the finished product leaves no doubts.

Early 2004 starts a robotic island for the bending of the blades cut by the laser while the others blades are cut and bent in the same moment in a continuous cycle with only a coup press.

In November 2007 the administrative headquarter and part of the workshop move to the new building next to the local unit.

At the end of 2008 the company works on an area of about 3300 mq.

The costly work played every year has created those results that permit an harmonious growing both in the world of the business and in the everyday life, and to keep faith to the principles of the “Old Economy”.

Innovative strategy and advanced technology will give an input of push to the team of the company for the next future, to create a new age, to reinforce and improve the relationship with the customers:

  • Elasticity of the quantity ( little and medium/big series)
  • Terms of delivery more acceptable
  • Quality of the products
  • Competitive costs
  • Transparency and profitability shared by the company and its customers and suppliers

Because it can be always possible to say

“T.G.T. welded impellers since 40 years means quality and reliability”

Our targets are not only related to economic, financial and production aspects: our little aid that, from several years, we are proud to dedicate to the solidarity, giving support to those fighting.
This is T.G.T., too.



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